About InkPost Ink & Toner


InkPost has been manufacturing Ink and Toner cartridges since 1997

2-Year Extended Warranty

All InkPost Ink & Toner products are manufactured to meet stringent quality standards and are covered by a full 2 year money back guarantee.

If the cartridge has not had the ink depleted to the point where it is classed as empty, and you are not happy with the print results, we will replace or refund the full purchase price.

Peace of mind printer guarantee

InkPost guarantees your printer against any damage caused by an InkPost ink or toner cartridge.  In the event that a fault occurs within your printer that is directly related to the ink or toner cartridge, please contact the BrandPost team to organise to have your printer fixed or replaced.
InkPost and BrandPost are not liable for any costs incurred by users before contact is made with BrandPost.

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