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Buying a new printer – consider the economics.

Because we spend a lot of time talking with customers from all over the country, some issues pop-up time and time again. So here we share some of our wisdom.

When thinking about buying a new printer – The general rule is that the cheaper the purchase price of the printer, the more expensive its consumables. This opens a discussion on a number of levels, so let’s look at a few of the issues.

– It’s possible to buy a printer for $50, then spend $60 buying ink cartridges. In the mix will be the idea of only using ‘original’ (rather than ‘compatible’) ink or toner to validate the warranty on the printer. While the figures may differ, this dilemma is common.

We encourage customers to take a practical look at the economics of their printing. And to make assessments based on use over time. Before buying a printer, look at the cost of ‘original’ vs ‘compatible’ consumables and the printing efficiency of the printer being considered – does that cheap printer purchase price really stack up?

Our BrandPost team is more than happy to help, even if it means pointing you in the direction of a product we don’t stock – we’re pretty clued-up on what works well and what doesn’t. Just ask.

On the subject of ‘original’ vs ‘compatible’ consumables… ‘compatibles’ can be a perfectly good alternative, as long as they’re from a reputable supplier. In our case, the ‘InkPost’ range is right up there for quality and reliability… while saving you money.

At BrandPost, all the printers we stock have been carefully assessed for cost-effective performance. And they’re brands you can have confidence in, but it’s best you get in touch with our Call-Centre and we can help you to navigate the details.