35 MM Film Scanning

  • We charge per strip – a strip can be up to 6 frames
  • We can scan all 35mm film, including negative, positive and black & white
  • All pricing includes films returned to you by courier with the scanned files burnt to DVD
  • Minimum $10 order
  • Typical time frame is 2-4 weeks
  • Free Courier pick up for orders of 100+ strips

All files are processed in Photoshop to enhance colour and remove minor dust & scratches. Finished files are approx. 1800×1200 pixels which is 6” x 4” @ 300dpi. Scanned films are saved to DVD and ready to print (some DVD players may not play photo files). These files look superb and will print well right up to 8” x 12” (A4). Higher resolution scans are available – call for info.


  • Additional copies of the DVD are $5
  • Scan to a new 8GB USB drive (supplied) for $15

Before you send in film and slides

  • Please check your film and slides for dirt/mould and clean them before supplying for scanning.
  • We may be unable to scan excessively dirty/mouldy film and slides.
  • We recommend giving slides a blow/brush to remove dust.
  • We cannot guarantee to scan the slides/film in the exact order they are supplied. If slides are organised into numbered bundles we will scan the bundles in order. All scans are file numbered sequentially for easy sorting.

For more information or to organise pick up, email us or call us on 0800 465-767